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This is not your traditional Christmas-time bark. Think organic freshly-roasted pecans, pistachios, almonds, dried apricots, cherries and more swirled into rich white, 70%, 85% or 99% dark chocolate. We have several varieties and more are on their way.

  • Almond Bark

    Almond Bark

    A simple and sweet treat of roasted organic almonds enveloped in 70% dark chocolate.

  • Chai Tea Bark

    Chai Tea Bark

    A unique and impressionable bark made of herbal chai tea (cinnamon, clove, anise, ginger and more) suspended in rich 70% dark chocolate.

  • Cherry Pistachio Bark

    Cherry Pistachio Bark

    Pretty to look at and even lovelier to taste. A delightful combination of organic pistachios and organic unsweetened Bing cherries suspended in white, 70%, 85% or 99% chocolate. Soy free and delicious!

  • Chili Pepper Bark

    Chili Pepper Bark

    Add a little heat to your day with our chili pepper bark - pulverized organic chili peppers mixed with 70% dark chocolate.

  • Cranberry Almond Bark

    Cranberry Almond Bark

    Roasted organic almonds and tangy dried organic cranberries in white, 70%, 85% or 99% chocolate.

  • Date Coconut Almond Bark

    Date Coconut Almond Bark

    A perfect blend of organic California almonds, organic Medjool dates, organic unsweetened coconut and mild 70% dark chocolate. While unique and exotic, this is one of Eva’s favorites.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Bark

    Himalayan Pink Salt Bark

    The perfect combination of Himalayan salt and decedant dark chocolate.

  • Lavender Bark

    Lavender Bark

    A fragrant experience of organic lavender infused into 70% dark chocolate.

  • Maple Sesame Cashew Bark

    Maple Sesame Cashew Bark

    Maple roasted organic sesame seeds and organic cashews in 70% dark chocolate.  This is an ideal autumn treat.

  • Roasted Pecan Apricot Bark

    Roasted Pecan Apricot Bark

    Roasted organic pecans are mixed with organic sulfur-free Turkish apricots in white, 70%, 85% or 99% chocolate. Reminiscent of southern pecan pie.

  • Turkish Coffee Bark

    Turkish Coffee Bark

    A bold experience of pulverized dark roasted coffee, cardamom and 70% dark chocolate.